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PAZ bietet der AEC-Branche hochwertige Automatisierungs-, Entwicklungs- und Implementierungsdienstleistungen, massgeschneidert, um den einzigartigen Anforderungen jedes Kunden gerecht zu werden. Entdecke mit uns die nächsten Schritte.
PAZ provides the AEC industry with high-quality automation, development, and implementation services, tailored to meet each client’s unique needs Discover with us the next steps.

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BIM, Coordination, Complex Modelling, Data Management
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Parametric and Generative Design, Scripts and ProofOfConcepts
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Plug-Ins, Add-Ons development (Revit, Archicad, Rhino, Civil3D)
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Projectdevelopment and Digital Fabrication Processes
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Trainings, Presentations and Knowledge Transfer
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“I never saw so much knowledge and passion for Construction Systems, I had the pleasure to collaborate with Nora & Andrés in Several International Projects.”

Sebastian Lieb
Structural timber engineer, Pirmin Jung, Switzerland

“With the PAZ learning method, I quickly progressed and gained an understanding of the parametric way of thinking. It was great for me that I could flexibly schedule my training alongside my working hours.”

Manuel Emmenegger
Digital enthusiast- BIMDO, Switzerland

“It was an extraordinary time with you Nóra and Andrés. I learned more than Grasshopper from you. Before I started the BSS-title I had ideas, now I have a system and methods to implement these ideas.”

Alois Rosenfeld
Architect, Bauart-CH

“While being able to strengthen BIM competences, I learned new ways of working, thus allowing me to push further the realm of possibilities. I am quicker and more effective to explore many design variations.”

Christian Eichhorn
BIM & Digitalisierung- SSA, Switzerland

“The project brought me a lot. Not just in terms of parametrics and how Grasshopper works. But for the overall understanding of a project and the connections.”

Gregor Freund

“Hier sind Profis am Werk, die nicht nur in ihrem Metier spitze sind, sondern auch noch superfreundlich und menschlich toll.”