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PAZ bietet der AEC-Branche hochwertige Automatisierungs-, Entwicklungs- und Implementierungsdienstleistungen, massgeschneidert, um den einzigartigen Anforderungen jedes Kunden gerecht zu werden. Entdecke mit uns die nächsten Schritte.
PAZ provides the AEC industry with high-quality automation, development, and implementation services, tailored to meet each client’s unique needs Discover with us the next steps.

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BIM, Coordination, Complex Modelling, Data Management
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Parametric and Generative Design, Scripts and ProofOfConcepts
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Plug-Ins, Add-Ons development (Revit, Archicad, Rhino, Civil3D)
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Projectdevelopment and Digital Fabrication Processes
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Trainings, Presentations and Knowledge Transfer

Our Free Le@arn is divided into three inspiring sections: Learn, Discover, Imagine. Each week we offer you a wealth of valuable resources specifically designed to boost creativity and technical skills Be the first to hear about our workshops, latest articles and free training courses.

Tresor Watat Nana
Confirm AG

“I never saw so much knowledge and passion for Construction Systems, I had the pleasure to collaborate with Nora & Andrés in Several International Projects.”

Sebastian Lieb
Structural timber engineer, Pirmin Jung, Switzerland

“With the PAZ learning method, I quickly progressed and gained an understanding of the parametric way of thinking. It was great for me that I could flexibly schedule my training alongside my working hours.”

Manuel Emmenegger
Digital enthusiast- BIMDO, Switzerland

“It was an extraordinary time with you Nóra and Andrés. I learned more than Grasshopper from you. Before I started the BSS-title I had ideas, now I have a system and methods to implement these ideas.”

Alois Rosenfeld
Architect, Bauart-CH

“While being able to strengthen BIM competences, I learned new ways of working, thus allowing me to push further the realm of possibilities. I am quicker and more effective to explore many design variations.”

Christian Eichhorn
BIM & Digitalisierung- SSA, Switzerland

“The project brought me a lot. Not just in terms of parametrics and how Grasshopper works. But for the overall understanding of a project and the connections.”

Gregor Freund

“Hier sind Profis am Werk, die nicht nur in ihrem Metier spitze sind, sondern auch noch superfreundlich und menschlich toll.”